• Economy

    Farmers can enjoy healthier cash flow and higher product price

  • Ecology

    L'amai is forecast to reduce over half of argricultral wastage in Northern Thailand.

  • Equity

    Forecasted to make over 61 million USD within 5 years!

  • Connectivity

    We plan to enhance connections between farmers and their product's well-being.

Welcome to AG Cerez!

AGcerez has been established to commercialize L'amai®, the world's first prebiotic syrup from Longan, which is used as functional food ingredient to provide a sweeter means to intestinal health.

About Us

At AG Cerez we are all about the customers and there benefits. From consuming healthy and less toxic agricultural products such as L’amai.

Our Vision

Our vision is to utilize agricultural innovation to create high quality products to our customers while taking responsibility for the society.

Our Plans

Our research target is to continually deliver good quality and high value agricultural product to the market.

Our Product

L’amai® is a low-calorie ‘prebiotic’ syrup derived from longan berries which is portrayed as a functional food ingredient.